APFCM Training Opportunities

There are many training opportunities available. The Critical Stress Management program has become the standard of care for those that suffer from traumatic loss or incidents. We are excited to announce that the State of Alaska is on board and is now listing all the CISM training on their web page www.hss.state.ak.us/dmhdd. In addition, they are only listing CISM Teams that hold to the ICISF standards; that is to say, they agree that all their members have at the very least the ICISF, Basic CISM and will indicate those CISM Teams that have their Team listed with ICISF. This is good news because it helps address the question, “What qualifies you to work in the field of Traumatic Stress?” Check out their page as well as www.icisf.org for more information on when APCM and others are providing training.

If you would like CISM training in your area, email, staff@apcm.org and indicate your needs and dates considering.

APFCM provides  training for local ministers, counselors, and lay ministers that are interested in being trained in crisis intervention techniques. The Municipality of Anchorage has seen the benefit of training this group to tap the recourses of the faith community. The training is the ICISF Pastoral Crisis Intervention course. Course description and dates are found at www.icisf.org  Contact the staff@apcm.org for a contact email if you would like this training and information on the disaster plan for your area.

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